Spotmask is an incredibly effective render element plugin for

NVIDIA’s Mental Ray in Autodesk 3dsMax.


– Render element plugin for World-Position, Normal and UV Pass Output
– Special advanced MentalRay output for Velocity Pass (Motion Blur)
– High Quality Curvature and Thickness elements
– Easy, customizable and reliable render output for efficient compositing work


Our Spotmask plugin comes with step-by-step tutorials and supplemental materials. Videos help you to easy understand the principles of rendering and composting using WPP, UV and normal render passes when post-processing images.

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Spotmask is an affordable plugin for complex video and composting productions. Download our trial version and test it with your 3dsMax and post-processing image software. You will see how easy it is to manipulate rendered images afterward!
SpotMask 1.0 release notes

SpotMask 1.0 release notes

Press Release: Spotmask 1.0 Release – 3ds Max mental ray advanced render pass output The new post-processing solution for 3ds Max mental ray users and video compositors is finally released. 3d-io, the developer of high-end 3d plugins like Unwrella, Flatiron and...

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Learn to compose with Spotmask

Learn to compose with Spotmask

Parallel to the release of Spotmask for mentalray, 3d-io has provided a collection of comprehensive video tutorials which may help you to optimize your workflow and understand correctly how 3ds max and video post-processing software interchange the data. We have...

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Spotmask: New velocity pass added!

Spotmask: New velocity pass added!

Spotmask v1 offers advanced velocity render element for mentalray, which repairs the existing malfunctioning one. The velocity pass stores object movements as motion vectors. The main purpose for this is to allow you to add motion blur to your scene after rendering....

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Render elements
for Mental Ray in 3ds Max


Automatic UV packing
for 3ds Max


Organic skinning
for 3ds Max and Maya


Full scene texture baking
for 3ds Max


Automatic unwrapping
for 3ds Max


Free OpenEXR tool
for Photoshop

Enrich your visual development!

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