Follow the video tutorials below and learn the basic and advanced techniques of mastering your post-production job using advanced render elements like world-position-pass, UV-pass and normal-pass.

What is Spotmask?

1 Minute introduction to the concepts and advantages

Spotmask world position pass: concepts & workflow

Explanation of how position pass works and where to use it

Spotmask world position pass: step-by-step

Detailed training tutorial for optimal position pass usage

Spotmask world position pass: progressive workflow!

Discover some new ideas and design workflows

Spotmask velocity pass: problems & solutions

What is wrong and what is correct post motion blur?

Spotmask: motion blur with velocity pass

How to save time and create good looking motion blur in comp

Spotmask UVW pass: real-time texture manipulation

How to replace textures in finished 3d images